Our Company

Great Dirt Resources Limited (ASX|GR8) is primarily focused on the exploration of battery-grade manganese in the Barraba region of New South Wales, Australia.

Historical records indicate that manganese production was initially documented in the Barraba area in 1941, likely originating from mines such as Doherty, Junior, and their surrounding areas.

The Doherty Mine consistently yielded battery-grade and metallurgical-grade manganese, with an estimated total production of approximately 6000 tonnes of battery and metallurgical-grade manganese.

The Junior Mine contained two sections of high-grade ore, which were mined to a depth of 80 feet. The ore extracted from this mine comprised both battery-grade and metallurgical-grade manganese, with a production volume estimated to be around 3,000 tonnes.

Exploration techniques during that era were likely rudimentary, and mining operations were primarily conducted manually, limiting the overall production capacity of the mines.

Investment highlights

Historical battery grade manganese producer

Located at the heart of a high-grade manganese province.

Located 100km north of Tamworth and serviced by established infrastructure.